Dr. Elizma van der Smit clinical psychologist                      

Therapy for Individuals, Families and Couples                                                                                                     

       The Time Has Come!!! It is time to be better!!

Fee and Insurance

R500 or per 50-minute session online
R500 per 50 minute session face to face
R250 per 30 minute session face to face
R100 per one page email
R400 per 5 one page emails


You might be eligible for coverage, in part or in full, for seeing a psychologist. My best advice is to ask your broker or insurance company for more information and limitations.

Cancellation Policy 

Please understand, that if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, a penalty will be incurred. Please let us know at least 24hours before your appointment for a cancellation, otherwise you will be equired to pay in full.

Make an appointment
To make an appointment, simply call our office or fill out this form 
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Questions? You can email me for more information at elizma@southafricantherapist.com